Breaking Down the Factions


Gareth Brightblade

Best Selling Author,Free Speech Advocate and self-proclaimed provocateur Gareth Brightblade breaks down the Freedom Coalition Faction.

The Basics

Civil Unrest factions are broken down into four basic model types.  Protesters, Heavy Hitters, Support, Casters.


For the Freedom Coalition this is represented by the Teeth Party Orc.  Protesters are cheap in points but normally have a low stat line.  They can however loot buildings and gain items that can help them during the game.

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters specialize in dealing damage.  For the Freedom Coalition we have the Orc Gun Nut.


Support Models are the healers of the faction.  For the Freedom Coalition that role is provided by the Sister of St. Sylvan St.


Castors are the most versatile, they are typically magic users that can teleport models around the board and cast spells.  For the Freedom Coalition that role is filled by the Korkistani Orc.

The Freedom Coalition


Teeth Party Orc

The Teeth Party is a political movement primarily concerned with government over spending.  The name is derived from the currency that the original orc nations used.  However members of this movement are not limited to orcs.  It is made up of the middle class of Three Circle such as factory workers, farmers ect.    


Orc Gun Nut

The Alliance of Weapon Enthusiasts or "AWE" is political organization of Orcs, Dwarfs, Humans and other citizens of Three Circle who want to ensure that responsible citizens have access to weapons.  


Korkistani Orc

 KORKistan is a online community of internet trolls (In some cases actual trolls), edge lords, and various disassociated youths. Armed with dank memes, irony, and smart phones, the KORKistanis take to the streets to trigger victims IRL 


Sister of St. Sylvan

The Phrase "Sister of St. Sylvan" began as a pejorative for religious Elf women, now has been co-opted by that very group.  The Sisterhood is not exclusively women of the church, it includes anyone of faith who fights for right to continue to practice openly.