Neo Nationalist


Beard and Soil: An depth look at the Dwarven National movement


Dwarf Nationalism is at core the ideal that the border nations of the old world is the state of the natural world. The races of the old world are different on a biological level and each will naturally try to preserve its gene pool. The City of Three Circle is a product of Authoritarian Globalists, a pipe dream forced into reality to rid the Dwarf race from the face of the planet. Dwarfs have on the whole have a very low birthrate especially compared to Goblins and Drow. Both of which the new world government leaders is now  pushing for mass immigration into dwarf stronghold nations. In the case of Goblins its 4 to 1 ratio and some say that if the Dwarven National Council adopts the immigration laws proposed by the new world government that Dwarven demographics will reach below fifty percent within two centuries. This has spark a global conversation and has given rise to the Dwarf National Party. 

In Three Circle City the “Proud Beards” are considered the foot soldiers of the party. Their goal is simple: Save the Dwarf Race, end multi-culturalism, preserve Dwarf culture, and most importantly re-stablish the Dwarf Stronghold State. To them, Three Circle City is a failure, a city built on a foundation lies. A New World cancer that must be destroyed. Dwarfs are biologically superior to all other races and as such should remain Lords of the mountains as they were for centuries before the great war. 



Professor Petro Jordan

Is commonly mis-represented by the media as being a Neo Nationalist supporter, as with Gareth Brightblade both have disavowed the movement.


The Melee at Man Castle Park

Anarchist clashed in a rally turned riot at Man Castle Park.  This was the first appearance of "Based Beardman", a dwarf adorned in hockey armor and a baseball bat who was instrumental in beating down members of Anarcho-Gobbo.