Law Enforcement


Consists of Three Circle PD, Three Circle PD's Special Teams and Tactics, and various local divisions of state controlled officers.  Their primary function is protect the public and property .

The Freedom Coalition


Comprised of mainly conservative sub-factions and political organizations.  Such organizations include but not limited to, the Teeth Party and Brother in Arms.  

Faction Breakdown

The People's Party


The People's Party are mostly concerned with equal rights for races that are considered by them to be marginalized.  



Neo-Nationalists are considered an extreme and dangerous political movement.  Their primary goal is the separation of races and the return of the Old World Nations.  Political groups that make up or are considered Neo-Nationalists are the Dwarven Worker Union, the Orc Right, and the Proud Beards.

More on the Faction

Anarchy United


Anarchy United is extreme counter movement of the Neo-Nationalist Party.  They believe it is their moral imperative to fight against them.  They consist of groups such as Anarcho-Gobbo, Drow Lives Matter and The Rainbow Army.